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Children and Young Peoples Therapies, along with other services within HCT, are supporting the local NHS response to the Covid-19 pandemic, including redeploying our staff to support key areas of critical need in Hertfordshire.

We have changed the support we offer for children and young people because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that:

We are currently delivering:

We are also:

If you have any urgent or new queries please contact the CYPT Advice Line number - 01992 823093 and a therapist will contact you to discuss your concern.

Please remember to also look on the Website pages under Useful Information for further advice and support.

Resources for you during this time:

Top tips for support your child's wellbeing while schools are closed


The Children’s Occupational Therapy service offers a child and family centred approach to support children and young people with their independence in all aspects of daily living, such as self-feeding, dressing and participating in play and school activities. The service is available to children and families across Hertfordshire.

We work in partnership with parents/carers and other colleagues to promote positive outcomes for children by using a range of approaches that are individually tailored to each child and family. This may include the provision of an activity plan, specialist equipment, treatment sessions or training to parents, carers and school staff. This is achieved through individual assessments, treatment, advice and multi-agency working.

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service in Hertfordshire is integrated across health and social care, which means in addition to the support above the service can also provide assessment and advice on adaptations to your home or child’s school environments to meet their specific needs.

Please use the links on this site to find out more about us and how to contact the Children’s Occupational Therapy Service.

Children's Occupational Therapy Service Offer


CYP Therapies - Moving and Handling of Children with Physical Difficulties Training Flyer
CYP Therapies - Understanding Sensory Preferences Training Flyer

(Further dates for our Sensory Workshops taking place during the summer term will be published on this site in March.)

This page contains information and help; however we also have a dedicated telephone number which parents, carers and professional can call to speak to a therapist about a new referral or child’s development. The advice line number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please leave a message on our Advice Line 01992 823093 and a therapist will contact you. Calls are responded to by a therapist on weekdays.

If your child is already known to the service please contact us on the number below.

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