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This service offers Palliative Care to people who have a life limiting illness who require specialist intervention and expertise. Palliative care can be given at any stage of an illness but is particularly important for people who require end of life care or have advanced disease. The aim is not to cure but to relieve suffering relating to physical, psychological, spiritual and pain management issues, improving the quality of life of the person who is ill and supporting the people caring for them. Palliative care is given by a variety of professionals including community nurses and therapists, GPs and Independent palliative care providers.

The service aims to improve a person’s quality of life through physical, spiritual, social or psychological support of the patient and those close to them. Much of the work involves seeing patients who need specialist intervention in a Nurse led Clinic or visiting patients in their normal place of residence, completing an holistic assessment and offering them specialist intervention and expertise.

Across Hertfordshire we work in an integrated way to help support the patient and their family in the community. This means that we are based with community nurses and therapists and work alongside other palliative care providers.

The Specialist Palliative Care is made up of highly trained professionals including Clinical Nurse Specialists, Palliative Medicine consultant and doctors, psychologists, and administrative staff.

The Hertfordshire Community Specialist Palliative Care team serves North Hertfordshire covering North Herts, Stevenage and Royston areas and West Hertfordshire covering Hertsmere and Watford and Three Rivers.

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North Hertfordshire
Tel: 01462 427034

West Hertfordshire
Tel: 01923 335358

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