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The Respiratory Service in East and North Hertfordshire consists of highly trained professionals who offer advice and support to patients living in East and North Hertfordshire with a range of respiratory disorders such as:

As part of the Specialist Respiratory Service we offer a fully comprehensive Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme (covered separately on the website) and a Home Oxygen Assessment and Review service.

The service aims to encompass all aspects of Respiratory care. This can involve ensuring correct diagnosis, monitoring and optimisation of pharmacological treatments, education and support, timely referral into the Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme or assessment for Home Oxygen therapy.

The service aims to support and educate not only the patient but also their carers; ensuring that patients are given the skills to enable them to ‘self manage’ their condition thus improving quality of life for the patient. The service has links with the local Breathe Easy groups and will often be involved in lung health awareness days.

The Home Oxygen Assessment and Review Service monitors patients that are prescribed Oxygen within East and North Herts and ensures that patients are regularly reviewed – which evidence shows prolongs life, enhances their quality of life and helps them to live as independently as they can, for as long as they can.

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East and North Hertfordshire
Tel: 01462 427125

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