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The pulmonary rehabilitation service is now back up and running. However, to ensure your safety, all face to face pulmonary rehab classes have been suspended and at present we do not have a date for their reintroduction.

We have redesigned the service to ensure that you can continue to receive all of the benefits you would have previously; exercise and education with support from trained and experienced clinicians to help reduce your breathlessness and improve your quality of life.

We are now offering online and offline pulmonary rehab programmes, both of which will run for eight weeks and will include a programme of exercise and education to help you cope more effectively with your lung condition.

Online pulmonary rehab will be suitable for you if you have access to the internet via a Smartphone device (iphone or android), a tablet e.g. iPad or a laptop. After a full assessment using “Attend Anywhere” video conferencing, you will receive a link by email to an exercise video. We will ask you to carry out the exercise programme on three to five occasions each week. We will also ask you to complete a walking diary. You will receive the educational content of the course in a variety of different ways e.g. information sent out in the post, links to videos sent by email, as well as online group education sessions using Microsoft teams.

You will receive regular phone calls throughout the eight week course in order to support you.

We will carry out a follow up assessment on week nine of the course using “Attend Anywhere” video conferencing which is quite simple and straightforward to use on your Smartphone.

Offline pulmonary rehab will be suitable for you if you do not have access to the internet. After a full assessment which we will carry out over the phone (landline or mobile), you will be sent your pulmonary rehab plan in the post. Your plan will consist of an exercise and walking diary, educational material to read as well as guidance around what to do and when (course structure). You will receive regular phone calls throughout the eight week course in order to support you. 

We will contact you by phone in order to carry out a follow up assessment on week nine of the course.




The Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) service is run by a team of specialists which includes but is not limited to:

The service is run for people who are having difficulty managing symptoms associated with a diagnosed breathing problem.

Diagnoses such as COPD, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Lung Fibrosis and Dysfunctional breathing are commonly seen.

Problems such as cough, shortness of breath and repeated chest infections can be managed with a combination of education and exercise.

Patients are either seen in a group for an eight-week course of Pulmonary Rehab or on an individual basis (one to one) if more appropriate.

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Tel: 01462 478783

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To find out more about the eight-week course, watch the video below which explains what's involved, who it benefits and the results it aims to produce.

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