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The HomeFirst service provides support to patients by Rapid Response intervention preventing admissions for acute conditions, and providing case management for patients with long term or complex conditions with the aim to remain at home rather than going into hospital. Nurses including mental health nurses, social workers, therapists and home carers work alongside GPs.

HomeFirst aims to provide the right care in the right place at the right time every time by:

HomeFirst performs three functions:

Rapid Response: Responding to people in crisis within 60 minutes.

Health and social care staff will respond within 60 minutes to people in crisis, who without rapid intervention would otherwise need a hospital admission. Referrals to the service come from professionals involved in a patient's care, including GPs, ambulance staff and health and social care practitioners.

Case Management: Identifying people who are at risk of hospital admission.

The 'virtual ward' identifies people who are at risk of needing to go to hospital, triggering appropriate interventions to avoid admission. This is delivered using risk stratification. People at risk of an unplanned hospital admission are identified and discussed at a multi-disciplinary meeting where a joint decision on whether to refer them will be made. 

If a referral is made, the person will be pro-actively case managed on the 'virtual ward' with a team of health and social care professionals working together to provide the most appropriate care for up to six weeks. This means that in many cases people who might otherwise be admitted to hospital will be cared for in a 'virtual ward' in their own homes.

In-reach Support: Helping people regain independence following hospital admission.

The third function facilitates early discharge from hospital for those patients who can be supported at home with the help of health and social care; helping people to regain as much independence as possible following a hospital stay.

You can read about Marie's experience of HomeFirst in the patient experience section.

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Lower Lea Valley Homefirst
Broxbourne Borough Council Level 3
Bishops College

Telephone: 01992 785612
Opening Times: 8am-6:30pm, every day

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