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Notice regarding the Children's Eye Service during Covid-19

The Children’s Eye Service will be resuming from Monday 8th June 2020. Clinics will be initially held at St Albans Children’s Centre and will returning to the Marlowes Health and Wellbeing Centre in Hemel Hempstead in the coming weeks.

All patients and accompanying families will be asked to take their temperature before they leave home for the appointment. If it is 37.8 degrees Celsius or above, please ring 01923 470680 option 2 and rearrange the appointment. If your temperature is less than this, it is safe to proceed to the appointment.

Please wait in the car park when you arrive at the clinic.

For Marlowes Well being Centre, please use the back car park.

For St Albans Children Centre, use normal nursery car park.

A volunteer or member of staff will come to the car park and bring you in when the clinician is ready. The clinician will be wearing a mask, apron and gloves and they will ask the carer and patient to wear a mask.

The clinical environment and all equipment used will be cleaned thoroughly between patients.

Services at Gossoms End and Rothschild House in Tring will not be resuming at present.

Referrals to The Children’s Eye Service are through DXS and Systm One as usual.

Please contact the service on 01923 470680 option 2, 1 or HCT.CYPSpecialistServices@nhs.net
for appointments and queries.

If you feel uneasy about coming to the clinics, please call 01923 470680 option 2. The clinicians can arrange a virtual appointment where appropriate.



The Children’s Eye Service monitors and treats children with reduced vision and related eye conditions.

It is staffed by four Orthoptists and a Paediatric Optometrist. Children are referred by Health Visitors, School Nurses, GPs, Paediatricians and other health professionals for orthoptic assessment, as a result of community screening or professional or parental concern or because of the family history.

The children are invited for a full orthoptic assessment including vision test, assessment for squint, stereopsis, fusion range and auto-refraction. Some children are then seen by the Paediatric Optometrist. Many of the children have amblyopia caused by refractive error or squint.  If amblyopia treatment is not completed by aged seven, then it will not be effective.  Others have eye conditions such as ocular albinism, cataracts and nystagmus.

Children can be referred on to a tertiary hospital for further tests or for squint surgery. Children with Special Needs are especially vulnerable to vision problems and are screened for a variety of eye problems. Their treatment plans are mostly the same as other patients, but the incidence of squint, refractive error and ocular problem is greater.

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Tel: 01923 470680

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