Acute Therapy - Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

About the Service

This service offers occupational therapy and physiotherapy for in-patients admitted to Lister Hospital with a variety of conditions.

Our team supports patients to become as independent as possible in their movement and daily activities after injury, illness or other disability. Our aim is to assist patients to be safely discharged from hospital and we may offer advice on short-term adaptations to patients’ homes and recommend equipment to support their independence.

The Acute Therapy Service offers: physical, functional, cognitive and mobility assessments, and treatment/interventions in an acute setting in order to improve quality of life, minimise the length of stay, promote and encourage self-management. We aim to optimise function, taking into account the individual needs of patients including physical and psychological deficits impacting on performance, and to address environmental and social issues impacting on discharge planning and discharge destination.

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Tel: 01438 284075

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