Adult services

Our services for adults are split into three groups: Integrated Community Teams, Planned Care and Unplanned Care.

Integrated Community Teams (ICT)

Our ICTs provide community nursing and therapy to patients within their own homes. Referrals to this service are managed by the HCT-led East & North Herts Referral Hub.

Planned care 

Planned care includes the:

  • Bladder and Bowel service
  • Skin Health service
  • MSK services
  • Respiratory and Pulmonary Rehab services.

Patients referred to these services are primarily seen in outpatient clinic settings within the community.

Unplanned care 

Unplanned Care is made up of services that directly support patient flow within the East and North Herts Health and Social Care System.

This includes inpatient community rehabilitation at:

  • Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital
  • Herts and Essex Community Hospital
  • Danesbury Neurological Rehabilitation Centre.

This also includes services that provide rehabilitation to patients within their own homes such as the:

  • Community Stroke service
  • ESD
  • Discharge Home to Assess service.

Hospital at Home (HAH) service 

The HAH service can help prevent unnecessary acute hospital attendances and admissions for a range of conditions by providing medical care and support for patients in their own home or usual place of residence.

The service provides responsive and urgent treatment, with same day or next day assessment. Referrals to this service are managed by the HCT-led East & North Herts Referral Hub.

How to refer

Referral information can be found under each relevant service under  the 'Making a referral'

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