• Podiatry services across Hertfordshire 

    Podiatry provision in Hertfordshire is divided by location. 

    Podiatry services for patients with diabetes in West Hertfordshire -  Herts Valleys integrated diabetes service

    Patients registered with a GP in West Hertfordshire who have diabetes care come under the Herts Valley integrated diabetes service.

    The service is provided jointly with other NHS and healthcare organisations. Full information is available at https://hertsvalleysdiabetes.co.uk/. To contact the service, call 01727 732073.

    Podiatry services for patients without diabetes in West Hertfordshire

    Patients registered with a West Hertfordshire GP that do not have diabetes have their care provided by Central London Community Heathcare NHS Trust.

    Podiatry services for patients in East and North Hertfordshire

    Podiatry service in East and North Herts

    The podiatry service for East and North Hertfordshire aims to promote positive foot health and provide a range of services for people with foot health problems. The service is targeted to those with the greatest podiatry needs, those who have a medical condition or are taking medication that puts their feet at greater risk of damage or infection.

    The service is provided by a dedicated group of podiatrists who are trained to deal with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the lower limb. All staff involved in your care keep you informed throughout your treatment and give aftercare advice to help reduce foot problems. All of the podiatrists (chiropodists) are registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

    Criteria for accessing the service varies according to where you live in Hertfordshire. Please see the who is eligible for this service section below for more details.



    Contact the service

    Tel: 0300 123 7571

    The podiatry service for East and North Hertfordshire prioritises appointments for patients with an open wound. If you have an open wound or are concerned you may be developing one, please phone 0300 123 7571 where you will be able to speak to a podiatrist.

    Any other available appointments are being offered using a clinical criteria to patients on our waiting list.

    For any questions please call 0300 123 7571.

How the service is provided

For patients in East and North Hertfordshire

  • Patients can refer themselves directly to the podiatry service, or ask their GP to refer them using the referral forms below.
  • Podiatry services are provided in clinics across across East and North Herts.
  • The initial assessment appointment will usually be within two to sixteen weeks depending on medical risk status and the severity of the foot problem.
  • You will be offered an appointment at your nearest podiatry clinic. If your appointment is with a specialist podiatrist you may be asked to travel to a specialist clinic.

Who is eligible for the service

For patients in East and North Hertfordshire

  • People living with diabetes as this may affect sensation and/or circulation to the feet and make people more prone to infections
  • People with problem feet, especially those who are living with long term conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • People with podiatry musculoskeletal problems
  • People with painful in-growing, damaged or deformed toenails
  • Full eligibility criteria

The service does not provide toenail cutting for normal toenails unless your medical problem puts your feet at high risk, such as some people with diabetes.

What will happen at your appointment

For patients in East and North Hertfordshire

At your first appointment you will be asked about your general health and any medication you are taking. The podiatrist needs to know this before they make recommendations or decisions about your foot treatments. Your circulation and sensation in your feet will also be checked. In consultation with you, the podiatrist will decide on a treatment plan which may include further tests and an appointment with a specialist podiatrist or discharge with self help advice.

Useful information

For patients in East and North Hertfordshire


Find out about the most common foot problems and how to prevent them


For people living with diabetes


How to keep your feet healthy


For patients living with arthritis


Diabetes UK

Diabetes - Foot complications


Leaflets for patients

Leaflets for healthcare professionals


The Silver Line is a free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Please click here for more information.

Making a referral

If you would like to refer a patient to the podiatry service, please write to the address below including a medical history summary (with latest Hba1c result for patients with diabetes) and current medication details. Please ensure you include details of the patient's foot problem to enable effective triage and prioritisation of appointments Please indicate if and why the referral may be urgent.

For an easy read information sheet on the podiatry service, please see "Useful Information".

Diabetes pathway

Podiatry is part of the multi-disciplinary team, providing a full range of podiatry services for diabetes patients including:

  • educating patients on maintaining good foot health
  • ulcer debridement and treatment (urgent referral)
  • prevention of amputation
  • ongoing Specialist Podiatrist care
  • padding and insoles

Podiatry musculoskeletal pathway (MSK) - East and North Hertfordshire

This service deals with the structure and function of the feet, as they relate to each other and to the legs, hips and spine. Poor mechanics of the lower limb can lead to various injuries and pain. MSK is available only to those with a systemic condition putting the foot at risk in East and North Hertfordshire.

Following a full biomechanical assessment, treatment may include stretching/exercise regimes and possibly the provision of orthoses.

High risk pathway - East and North Hertfordshire

Podiatry provides a foot health service to those who have a medical condition that puts their feet at greater risk of foot problems. We work with the rheumatology and vascular teams. We provide:

  • ulcer debridement and treatment
  • padding and orthoses
  • education
  • Care and support for those with long term conditions that affect their feet

Nail Surgery Pathway - East and North Hertfordshire

This is based at the QEII Hospital, Kingsway Health Centre and Hertford County Hospital. Total and partial nail removal using a local anaesthetic and prevention of regrowth by application of a chemical.

This is a simple and proven successful procedure for dealing with painful acute in-growing, damaged or deformed toenails that would benefit from nail surgery. The procedure is carried out subject to satisfactory health screening to ensure the ability to have a local anaesthetic and good wound healing.

The patient will need to be able to redress the toe themselves following the procedure and attend a limited number of post-operative appointments.

Foot Health Promotion

Foot health education and promotion form an integral part of all treatment provided by the podiatry team.

Contact the service:

Podiatry service 
Robertson House

Tel: 0300 123 7571

Please complete the appropriate referral form below.

East and North Herts GP referral form

GPs for patients in West Hertfordshire shuold refer via ERS using the Hertfordshire Integrated Diabetes Service SPOC form (West).

Self referral form

Patient experience

If you would like to share your story, please contact the Patient Experience team on 01707 388036 or email pals.hchs@nhs.net.

We would also love to hear about your experience on our service, please complete a survey by clicking the link here.