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The Children and Young People’s (CYP) Speech and Language Therapy service offers a child- and family-centred approach to support CYP with speech, language, communication needs (SLCN) and those with eating and drinking difficulties in Hertfordshire.

We work in partnership with parents, carers, health and education professionals to promote positive outcomes for CYP. Our service model aims to reduce the gap and inequalities amongst CYP in Hertfordshire who have SLCN.

Our service offer is underpinned by the following aims:

• CYP and families are empowered through the provision of information and advice
• CYP and families are able to manage their own health and wellbeing by learning new skills
• CYP’s participation is maximised through enhanced, communication friendly environments
• The wider children’s workforce are confident to support CYP with SLCN
• There is early identification of SLCN and impacts minimised through early advice and support
• CYP and families can access high-quality, evidence-based, effective intervention in a timely manner
• CYP achieve positive outcomes that prepare them for life through a collaborative approach

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Our website page contains lots of information and help. However should you not find what you are looking for, please leave a message on our Advice Line 01992 823093 and a therapist will contact you. This advice line is available throughout the year, including the school holidays. If your child is already known to the service, please contact Speech and Language Therapy Administration on the numbers below.

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East and North Hertfordshire
Tel: 01992 823084

West Hertfordshire
Tel: 01992 823193

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Drop in Clinic Calendar - September

Drop in Clinics are for pre-school children who are over 2 years 6 months and not yet in full time school. Please click here for referral guidelines - these guidelines can also be found in the 'Making a Referral' section.

If your child is attending school i.e. Reception and older, please speak to your child's school. Guidelines can also be found in the section 'Making a Referral'.

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