About us

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust - often referred to as HCT - provides services across the county and in West Essex, making about 1.1 million contacts a year with service users.

Our Trust provides a wide range of care in people's homes, community settings and in its community hospitals. We employ around 3,000 members of staff who are at the forefront of NHS care and support.

Our staff reach the deepest into an individual's life working with wider colleagues in the NHS, social care, education, charities and local government to personalise care packages which support them to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Read NHS Provider's Briefing on Community Health Services - A Way of Life.

We are seeking to become a Foundation Trust so that we can have more freedom to shape our plans for the future and ensure we continue to be responsive to the needs and wishes of our local communities.

We want as many Hertfordshire residents as possible to join our Trust membership and take an active interest in supporting local community health services.