Staff benefits

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust aims to provide high quality health care to the local community and patients who use its services.  It can only achieve this aim through a dedicated and committed workforce.  One way the Trust can recognise the value of its staff is by providing a wide range of staff benefits to improve your experience of working for the Trust.  In addition, various opportunities and activities are on offer to promote your health and well being.


Our staff are one of our most important resources and play a key role in ensuring our success as a Trust. We want you to feel valued and to help towards achieving that we offer a wide range of staff benefits. 

We have included a summary below – for full details please use the contact details and links provided:

Car Lease Scheme

The Trust is a member of the NHS Fleet Solutions Car Lease Scheme.  The scheme is designed to provide you with competitively priced and trouble free motoring with the benefit of no deposit for your new car, full maintenance and insurance cover and fixed costs through a monthly salary sacrifice scheme, offering substantial savings for the duration of the lease. 

Please call NHS Fleet Solutions on 0844 811 82 28, email them at or visit their website using VPD 812 to register.

Career Breaks

The Career Break Scheme allows staff with over 12 months continuous service to take an unpaid break in employment of up to 5 years to fulfil outside commitments, and then return to the same or a similar job with the Trust. Career breaks can be used for a variety of purposes, including childcare, eldercare, care for another dependent, training/study or work abroad. For more information, please refer to the Trust’s Career Break Guidance.

Counselling Service

All Herts Community NHS Trust employees have access to the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) via website or phone.

The EAP is your confidential 24hr support service, paid for by the Trust and provided by an independent company, Vita Health. Along with counselling and emotional support, Vita Health provides advice on a wide range of day-to-day practical issues such as debt advice, legal and financial advice and general family care.

As a healthcare worker in Hertfordshire, you will also be able to access free, confidential psychological support from the Here For You mental health and wellbeing service.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Eligible staff can obtain bicycles and equipment through a tax-free rental scheme. Take a look at the Cycle to Work Scheme page on the staff area of the extranet for more information, or on the Vivup (HCT benefits) portal, which also includes access to a range of discounts at popular retailers.

Eye Care Vouchers

If you regularly use display screen equipment at work you are entitled to have an eye test paid for by the Trust every 2 years.  In addition to a free full eye examination, you will be given a contribution towards a pair of glasses if you need them specifically for VDU use.  Please visit Occupational Health - Eye Care Vouchers for full details and to find out how to request a voucher.

Flexible Working

To help you achieve an acceptable balance between your commitments inside and outside of the work place, you can request working flexibly to improve your work-life balance.  Please see our Flexible Working Policy for more information.

Health and Wellbeing

Feel Well, Work Well - please visit our Health and Wellbeing page on our staff extranet for the latest information on activities, events and deals available to support your health and wellbeing.

Health Service Discounts

Previously NHS Discounts, this website offers you numerous ways of saving money on shopping, holidays and financial services.  For more information and to register for free, please go to

Leave entitlements

As part of nationally agreed terms and conditions, we provide a generous leave allowance which increases with length of service, plus public holiday entitlement.
Additional annual leave can be requested by staff and purchased through salary deductions over the year.  The request form is available on the staff extranet.


As an NHS employer, we offer an occupational pension scheme to all eligible employees.  If you pay in to the NHS Pension Scheme, your Annual Benefit Statement, which forms part of your Total Rewards Statement, will provide you with an overview of your pension benefits.  Information on NHS Pensions can be found at NHS Pensions NHS Business Services Authority.

Sick Pay

As part of nationally agreed terms and conditions, we offer generous sick pay entitlements in excess of statutory sick pay.

Special Leave

The Trust accepts that from time to time you may need to be absent from work through urgent/unforeseen or planned needs arising from domestic, personal and family reasons.  It also acknowledges the importance of civic and public duties undertaken by many employees. In order to help in these situations we provide generous special leave provisions.  Please see our Personal and Family Leave Policy for more information.

Annual Leave

Staff will receive the entitlement to annual leave as set out below. These entitlements are calculated on a pro rata basis for part time staff.

  • 27 days on appointment
  • 29 days after 5 years of service
  • 33 days after 10 years of service

Entitlement to annual leave is calculated according to completed NHS service which may not necessarily be continuous. The annual leave year runs from 1 April to 31 March and is calculated at the rate of 1/12th of a full year’s entitlement.