Joy's story

Joy Tharby is a ward sister who works at Langley House in Garston, specialising in the rehabilitation of stroke patients.

Here’s what Joy says about her job:

“Everybody has their own responsibility as part of the multi-disciplinary team and we communicate with each other well. We meet every morning and discuss the discharge planning for patients, how rehabilitation is going and if there are any problems we flag them.

“We are always sent for training over and above the mandatory training, for example dealing with leg ulcers, applying IVs and phlebotomy.

“We have closer contact with our patients than in an acute hospital; it’s 24/7 bedside care. To be able to help patients to go back to their baseline you have to find out about their lives before they had their stroke or before they became immobile. That’s part of the professionalism of the job.

“It is real job satisfaction when we can see their progress; when they don’t need wheelchairs anymore, when they can go home and they don’t require any further care or perhaps just a reduced package of care.

“I always look forward to work because you are appreciated for what you do”.