Your stories - care at home

Story 1: Care at home 'she talked to Mum and found out what she needed'

Good experience: care at home from the Integrated Community Team

The Occupational Therapist Megan was really, really good. She talked to Mum and found out what her needs were.

Equipment such as walking frame, toilet seat frame and bath seat were provided.

Prior to this Mum was not safe, she was hanging onto furniture and having falls.

The Therapists did what they said they would do and no chasing up was required.

The Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist looked at Mum as a whole person.

Could talk to Therapists about health concerns that were significant but did not warrant a trip to GP.

Contact numbers left.

The Therapists visited at home following discharge from the rehabilitation ward. This was a fantastic service enabling continued work towards achieving independence goals.

Needs improvement 1: carers at home (not HCT service)

Really difficult to find home carers despite being provided with information about different agencies.

Carers constantly changing, no consistency.

Expected times of visits too long a time frame of 2 to 3 hours. We felt like prisoners in our home. I could not pop out when they were coming four times a day as no one would have been there to let the carers in. Bedtime could be as early as 6pm.

Needs improvement 2: information and communication

It would have been good to know about things like day groups that Mum could go to as she is in the house on her own when I am at work. I don’t have time to explore the options as either at work or meeting Mum's care needs.

Information about what is available to Carers would have been useful. I found out about Dial a ride from a noticeboard at the supermarket.

When Mum needed a blood test she was too unwell to go out and was told by GP practice that it could not be done at home.

When a lot of services are involved it is difficult to know who provides what. A summary leaflet would have been useful.

Improved communication with Carer from the District Nurse and other services involved. The District Nurse goes in to change Mum’s bandages for her ulcer but I do not know when they have been in or whether it is getting better.

A feedback form was in notes at home and it was discovered by chance. The envelope to return it did not have full return address on it, just service name.