Patient Experience

We love getting your feedback

When you tell us about our services, we like to share it with others. This is so we can learn from our patient's experiences. We want to know what is working well, and what may need improving. We do not identify people who give feedback and always ask permission to share their stories. By telling your stories and giving your views you are helping us to achieve our goal of outstanding services. Thank you.

Friends and Family Test

Would you recommend our services to friends or family? We ask patients to complete a questionnaire and rate our service from 'very poor' to 'very good'. Your feedback helps us improve services.


 Your stories

We use patient stories across HCT. They are told to our Board and Directors on a regular basis. They are also used by our staff to check how patients are accessing and responding to our services. Patients have given permission for us to share their stories. Below are some of our patient's stories. Their names have been changed to protect their identity.


You said we did

On our 'You said we did' page, you can see examples of what we did after you gave us feedback on our services. We know completing surveys can be a low priority when you have been unwell, but providing outstanding services is our priority and we need your help to do that. It really does help us to make things better for everyone.