The Lancaster Model (TLM) health needs assessment

About the Service


TLM is a way of identifying any early health and wellbeing needs. Then the school nursing and other services can offer help if they need.

TLM is an online questionnaire.  Parents complete the questionnaire when their child is in reception class. Children complete the questionnaire themselves in Year 6.

It helps us to understand any health needs your child may have – as well as wider trends so we can plan what services or support will be needed for children in the future.

Most parents and carers find it reassuring to know something can be picked up early before it becomes a problem.

How your child can benefit
We believe that the first step to knowing if children are struggling is to ask them. In Hertfordshire all Year 6 will be given the opportunity to complete the questionnaire in school. It asks them about things that might affect their health, such as lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, and moving to secondary school. If it shows your child might benefit from some additional support from the school nursing team - we will contact, you and ask for your agreement.

Explaining TLM to your child
You don’t need to tell your child anything. Your school and School Nurses will explain everything to them when they visit.

Giving consent
We contact parents and carers early, so you have time to consider consent and get further information if needed. If you are happy for your child to take part in the TLM questionnaire you do not need to do anything. If you are unsure or do not want your child to take part, please contact the school nurse team on the contact details below. 

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