Young people reaching their full potential with physiotherapy

Posted: March 15 2019

Hertfordshire Community Trust (HCT) has a specialist Children's Physiotherapy Team offering a holistic approach.

Young people reaching their full potential with physiotherapy

Jose at his physiotherapy sessions

Therapists help children and young people to preserve and improve their health to enable them to reach their full potential.

Children’s Physiotherapists aim to develop gross motor skills e.g. walking and moving between positions. They can offer advice to parents/carers as well as a hands-on approach to ensure the child is optimally positioned to carry out activities and exercises.

One Hertfordshire mum who took her little boy Jose for physiotherapy treatment said: “Jose was born prematurely and needed some more support with his development.

“Physiotherapist Sian noticed that his arms were staying up and she taught me some exercises to do with him at home. Since coming for physiotherapy sessions Jose has learned to sit up and stand – he’s progressed really well and I’m so grateful to Sian for all her hard work.” 

Personalised treatment

Service Manager for Children’s Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy Karen Woollard said: “Our therapists are trained to understand physical development in children. They focus on their patients and can adapt their treatment to each child’s age, abilities and needs.

“Treatment from a physiotherapist can also increase confidence in parents to help support and manage the physiotherapy needs of their children. Treatment can also help to reduce their risk of developing a physical deformity, especially in children with long term conditions.”

Setting goals

“Physiotherapists set goals with the children and their families  through joint discussion, focusing on their priorities.

“HCTs Physiotherapists pride themselves on working with staff in early years and education settings, thereby supporting the principles of early intervention."

Patients are referred into the service from a medical professional and may receive their treatment from a children’s centre, outreach clinic, at home or at school, depending on their specific needs. HCT has centres in Borehamwood, Hertford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Stevenage, Watford and Welwyn Garden City.

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