Special care for those pearly whites

Posted: January 3 2019

A visit to the dentist is a necessary chore for most people, but for some the whole experience can be extremely daunting…

Special care for those pearly whites

Special Care Dental Service team at the Peace Centre

Imagine if you are an adult or a child with special needs such as mental health problems, learning difficulties or  in a wheelchair or requiring a hoist? Fortunately there is help on hand for people in need of some extra support.

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Megan at her oral health appointment at the Peace Centre in Watford with her dad Brian. 

The staff at HCT’s Special Care Dental Units provide safe and high quality dental care, as well as giving preventative advice in a relaxed and non-threatening setting. Their aim is to reduce any anxiety felt by their patients as much as possible. There are clinics in Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Hoddesdon, Letchworth and Watford. 

Brian Lambert brings his daughter Megan who has autism to the unit at the Peace Centre in Watford for regular appointments. He said: “It’s difficult to clean Megan’s teeth and she does find it a little bit distressing. Everyone  here is really careful, they stop when she gets distressed and will start again once she is ready. When she’s had enough, that’s it - they’re understanding and helpful and that’s the best part for me. They also advise me on caring for Megan’s teeth at home.

 “She’s been coming here a long time and we’ve tried a few different techniques. She doesn’t have any fillings, which has got to be a good thing.”

Senior Dental Nurse Luisa Lancey saw Megan and her dad for her oral health appointment and said: “We give the care and attention to all our patients of all ages - Megan is an absolute superstar.”

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