Silver status awarded to HCT for supporting Armed Forces community

Posted: July 18 2022

Silver status awarded to HCT for supporting Armed Forces community

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust is proud to announce that it has just received a silver award, as an Armed Forces Friendly employer, in the 2022 Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS).

The award reflects the Trust’s commitment to pledge support to defence and the armed forces community and align our values with the Armed Forces Covenant. This is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve, or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

HCT is among 24 organisations in the East Midlands region to receive this prestigious silver award today. The ERS encourages employers to support defence and inspire others to do the same. The scheme encompasses bronze, silver and gold award levels for employer organisations who pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and the armed forces community, and align their values with the Armed Forces Covenant. Until recently HCT had bronze status but has just been upgraded to a silver award where an organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • must have signed the Armed Forces Covenant
  • the employer must have already stated their intent to be supportive by using the ERS website to register at the Bronze level
  • the employer must proactively demonstrate that service personnel/armed forces community are not unfairly disadvantaged as part of their recruiting and selection processes
  • the employer must actively ensure that their workforce is aware of their positive policies towards defence people issues. For example, an employer nominated for support to the Reserves must have an internally publicised and positive HR policy on Reserves
  • within the context of Reserves the employer must have demonstrated support to mobilisations or have a framework in place. They must demonstrate support to training by providing at least 5 days’ additional unpaid/paid leave (wherever possible not to Reservist employees’ financial disadvantage)
  • the employer must not have been the subject of any negative PR or media activity

The ERS is designed primarily to recognise private sector support to the armed forces. However public sector organisations, such as the emergency services, local authorities, NHS trusts and executive agencies are also eligible to be recognised.

More information about the Armed Forces Covenant and how to get involved is available by clicking here.

Congratulations to all colleagues across the Trust, especially the People Team, for this prestigious achievement.

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