School Aged Immunisation Service's innovative drive-through clinic deemed a success

Posted: July 31 2020

School Aged Immunisation Service's innovative drive-through clinic deemed a success

As part of the continuing Covid-19 response, our School Aged Immunisation Service organised the first of what is hoped to be many drive-through immunisation clinics, at Barnwell School in Stevenage. The aim of these clinics is to allow school aged children to continue their vaccination schedule without interruption. Parents are referred to the clinic and drive to the temporary set up where nurses would be waiting with full PPE gear. The nurses would then perform a HPV2 vaccination for the child while they were still sitting in the car. This first clinic allowed 40 school aged children to be vaccinated against HPV, which has been deemed a great success.

Staff at the clinic also had two visitors. Barbara Hamill from NHSE/I visited the site, praising staff for their Covid response as well as the very successful under-5 immunisation programme – “the only model of its type in the country”. Alison Seymour, a Bedwell GP under East North Herts CCG, also visited to see how the clinic worked with an aim to follow in the service’s footsteps and set up a similar drive-through clinic for the upcoming expanded flu programme.

Caroline Shepherd, Operational Lead (Clinical) for the School Aged Immunisation Service, says that with the pilot clinic being a success, staff now aim to organise more clinics around the county. The next clinic will take place in West Hertfordshire with a goal of vaccinating 120 children. She also thanked and praised Barnwell School for their kindness and aid in allowing staff full use of their facilities.

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