Prestigous HSJ Awards 2018: System Led Support for Carers

Posted: November 22 2018

Prestigous HSJ Awards 2018: System Led Support for Carers

Ruth Bradford (HCT’s Engagement Manager & Carers Lead) and Carole Whittle (Health & Wellbeing Manager, Carers in Hertfordshire)

Congratulations to the Hertfordshire and West Essex STP (which includes Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust), who last night won their joint award from the HSJ for System Led Support for Carers. Their award was for the successful interventions that have gone to create a carer friendly system, with less bureaucratic interferences, reducing risk of depression and isolation amongst potentially stigmatised carers. HCT helped contribute towards the submission with the following elements:

  • Introducing and supporting Carers Champions across adult and children services
  • Ability for our staff to refer carers to Carers in Hertfordshire from the home page of their laptops
  • Recognition and recording of carers on electronic record keeping system
  • Working in partnership towards delivering the shared countywide strategy
  • Partnership working with Carers in Hertfordshire, commissioners and other providers HCC and carers to develop and deliver action plans for adult and young carers
  • Working in partnership to deliver initiatives such as partnership in care and open visiting hours on the wards to ensure consistency for carers across acute and community settings
  • Involvement in the development of a new carers handbook, with other partners for use across the STP
  • Part of the submission was this video interview including HCT’s Engagement Manager and Carers Lead, Ruth Bradford

A multi-agency carers’ strategy actually began in Hertfordshire as far back as 1995, supporting unpaid carers. Since then partnerships have broadened and deepened, with good practice being increasingly shared across the region by the STP.

One key aspect of that is carers’ champions. These are now in place across the STP footprint, working in NHS organisations, libraries and the fire service. That way those who are caring for a friend or relative are identified, ensuring appropriate support is then offered.

Read a detailed case study about this project at HSJ Solutions – included is full list of partners involved.

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