Positive scores for staff engagement at HCT

Posted: March 8 2018

HCT scored the highest amongst community trusts for the quality of appraisals staff receive

Positive scores for staff engagement at HCT

The national NHS staff survey results – published on Tuesday 6 March – show high levels of engagement amongst colleagues at Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust. Compared with other community trusts in England, HCT scores above average in key areas, including the number of staff who would recommend the Trust as a place to work or to receive treatment and the number who feel they are able to contribute towards improvements at work. Staff also say that communications between their teams and managers are good.

HCT scored the highest amongst community trusts for the quality of appraisals staff receive, whilst staff also reported above average levels of satisfaction with the quality of training and development provided.

Over 1,500 of the Trust’s 3,000 employees took part in the survey, which again is above average for similar NHS organisations in England.

Clare Hawkins, Acting Chief Executive at HCT, said: “The NHS staff survey is a key way for us to hear views from our colleagues about what it’s like to work at HCT, and people’s opinions really do help drive improvements. There is a direct link between staff satisfaction and quality of patient care, so I am really heartened to hear that, once again, our colleagues are telling us that they feel engaged at work and that they would recommend the Trust as both an employer and a provider of healthcare. Over the last year, we have made improvements as a direct result of the feedback staff give us in both the national survey and also our own internal survey which we run three times a year, including improving our incident reporting system, training managers to support staff mental health and improving the appraisal recording system.”

This is the 15th annual staff survey, which is mandatory for all NHS trusts. It is recognised as an important way of gathering feedback from staff to drive service improvements in the NHS, and a good measure of staff engagement. The results are also considered by the Care Quality Commission when it is assessing NHS organisations. The survey covers all NHS trusts in England and includes questions on topics such as engagement, training, support when reporting issues and incidents and patient care and experience.

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