More success stories from Health Visiting teams using Attend Anywhere with patients

Posted: April 20 2020

More success stories from Health Visiting teams using Attend Anywhere with patients

The Health Visiting Dacorum team has been using the Attend Anywhere platform for a variety of virtual consultations as the below stories from Ann Robinson, Kate Hayward, Nancy Stevens and Helen Whitworth illustrate.

Ann Robinson, a Health Visitor in Dacorum, had a Movement In virtual consultation with a child who recently moved to the Hertfordshire area from Scotland. As there was no previous SystmOne record for the patient, the client was regarded as potentially vulnerable because there was no evidence of compliance with the Healthy Child Programme. However through the Attend Anywhere interface, all required information was able to be shared during the call and Ann was also able to see that the child was healthy overall. Ann felt that the consultation went very well and was safe given the restrictions that have emerged due to Covid-19. The patient was also very happy with the experience and was grateful to be able to see who she was speaking with for her first visit with HCT. Video consultations will allow the Health Visiting Service to provide information, guidance and support to patients and their families without having to risk face-to-face interaction. As Ann expressed, “I’m thankful that I could see the child was healthy and happy without breaking lockdown guidelines during the coronavirus outbreak.”

Kate Hayward, a Health Visitor in Dacorum, had a new birth consultation with a first time parent using the Attend Anywhere platform. Kate was able to conduct a full consultation in line with clinical guidance. Although there was a bit of echoing at times, the system worked well overall and allowed Kate to see the mother and infant without visiting their home. The patient was very pleased with the consultation as she was able to talk freely about being a new parent and build rapport with Kate. During the lockdown period, virtual consultations will facilitate safe contact between HCT clinicians and patients and allow for a greater amount of information to be shared than what is possible in a telephone conversation. In Kate’s words, “It was great to be able to speak in detail with the client, and gauge the non-verbal cues too, in order to build a good working relationship.”

Nancy Stevens, a Community Nursery Nurse in (APHP) Dacorum, used the Attend Anywhere platform to have a virtual consultation with parents who were seeking guidance on their child’s behaviour and development. Nancy was able to see the child and have a three-way discussion with both parents through the platform. Despite the video pixelating at times, Nancy was still able to provide advice to the parents and work with them to agree next steps to take for their child. The parents were so pleased with the consultation that they requested a follow up virtual consultation in two weeks’ time. They had been ‘pulling their hair out’ around their child’s behaviour but after their conversation with Nancy, they had a clear plan to work on, moving forward. Although there is no replacement for face-to-face contact with patients, video consultations are the best alternative during this time. Nancy explained, “It feels good to know that I can still help clients out, even in lockdown. For the parents to request another VC for the follow up is evidence that it was good and went well.”

Helen Whitworth, a Health Visitor in Dacorum, used the Attend Anywhere video consultation platform with a patient who recently had a baby and was concerned about the condition of her child’s skin, which was very sore on the bottom. The virtual consultation worked well and Helen was able to have a 20 minute conversation about the baby’s condition. She could see the baby in the video and was also sent photos as well, which helped in her assessment of the area. Despite the stress she was under, the patient appeared satisfied and grateful for the contact at the end of the consultation. Virtual consultations in Health Visiting will provide a safe way to see patients and provide information, guidance and support. Helen commented, “It was good that I could see the mother’s general handling of the baby, her interaction with her toddler and her demeanour.”

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