Innovative digital electronic prescribing service speeds up efficient delivery of medication to patients during pandemic

Posted: April 21 2020

Innovative digital electronic prescribing service speeds up efficient delivery of medication to patients during pandemic

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust is proud to announce the recent launch of its Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS).

EPS has transformed the way our prescribers are able to issue prescriptions to our patients in East and North Hertfordshire. The digital electronic prescribing functionality on SystmOne allows an electronic prescription to be sent automatically to a community pharmacy. The electronic prescription can be dispensed at the community pharmacy and then delivered or collected by the patient, without the prescriber needing to get a physical FP10 (green) prescription to the patient or chemist.

During the COVID-19 pandemic our prescribers can now be confident that patients can access their medication much more efficiently than they would have done just a few weeks ago.

This has been of a particular benefit to our team of GPs that are based at the Stevenage Referral Hub who are carrying out virtual consultations, now able to issue prescriptions at the click of a button. In short, EPS offers greater flexibility, speed and accuracy.

This service has been led by HCT’s Steve Paynter from SystmOne, Chi Kai Tam and Emma Hazelwood from Pharmacy plus Mel Bedoya and Julie McCall from the referral Hub team.

Currently, EPS has been initiated in the Referral Hub to aid the prevention of admission of patients to hospitals, helping to treat them in their own homes. The plan is to now roll this out over the next few weeks and implement EPS across other HCT services through targeted training starting with Community Paediatrics and for our prescribing Pharmacists.

Here is some recent feedback received from clinicians, showing how this innovative EPS has helped transform old ways of prescribing:

“Phone consultations are of particular benefit. I rarely handwrite scripts now, I am able to send them to the pharmacy via EPS.”

“Last week, I needed to prescribe End of Life anticipatory medicines to a patient – this took a lot of time to get the handwritten prescription to the chemist, which in turn, caused distress to the family and ultimately, wasted time. Now, I send the prescription electronically to the nominated chemist and the family were able to collect the medicines quickly. This will definitely benefit our patients and free up our time to move onto the next patient.”

The introduction of EPS will allow us to work more effectively with our local GPs, Primary Care Networks, CCGs and Community Pharmacies.

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