Herts groundbreaking agreement signed

Posted: May 6 2016

A ground breaking Hertfordshire partnership has been launched today.

Herts groundbreaking agreement signed

HCPA's Chief Executive Sharon Davies signs the agreement, watched by HCT's Chief Executive David Law

The new partnership will see better integrated working between independent sector care providers and NHS community services.

Hertfordshire Care Providers Association, which seeks to represent the county’s care homes, support at home agencies and nursing agencies for adults, has joined forces with Hertfordshire Community Trust (HCT). HCT provides community-based services for adults and older people, children and young people, and a range of specialist care services. HCT had around two million contacts with people during the course of the year and were dealing with people from before birth until death.

It is becoming important that both sectors should work together for the greater good of service users and patients.

The partnership will allow the two organisations to work collaboratively to enhance the quality of community health and social care provided in Hertfordshire. The partners have agreed to work together in a spirit of mutual trust, support and respect, while maintaining their independence.

HCT’s Chief Executive, David Law, said: “We are delighted to be working more closely with HCPA. We recognise the importance of closer links between care home providers and health.

“It is vitally important that community health and social care providers work together to ensure that Hertfordshire residents remain healthy and well in their preferred place of living. This agreement will facilitate a collaborative approach to ensure that HCT and HCPA members work together and we look forward to delivering a number of joint initiatives.”

Sharon Davies, Chief Executive of HCPA, said: “HCPA’s mission is to work in partnership to raise quality standards of care in Hertfordshire, we are therefore delighted to be able to sign up to this Memorandum of Understanding which will enable even more partnership working.

"HCT is a key partner in the emerging joint health and social care economy and these new modes of communication between HCPA and HCT will enable our care provider members  to have open dialogue via our collective voice. This is another step forward in making the journey for the service user between health and social care even better. We look forward to working with HCT on a number of health and social care projects in the future.”

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