Courageous cardiology patient conquers O2 challenge

Posted: March 1 2019

Jamie said: "Set yourself goals and just smash them, it’s great"

Courageous cardiology patient conquers O2 challenge

Jamie Wilding is determined to make the most of whatever time he has left, despite being diagnosed with Heart Failure and told by specialists he had until last summer to live. He receives care and home visits from the Hertfordshire Community Trust (HCT) Community Cardiology Team and said: “Hertfordshire Community Trust is absolutely amazing. They’re here 24/7 and they do make life easier. They can’t make you better, but they can help to sort out your symptoms to give you a better quality of life.”

Jamie is making special memories with his family and raising funds and awareness to this incurable and life limiting  condition often referred to as the “silent killer” disease.

Jamie completed a sponsored challenge last weekend (24 February 2019), climbing over the roof of the O2 arena to raise money for the Pumping Marvellous Foundation, the UK’s Heart Failure charity dedicated to help people live better with Heart Failure. You can still sponsor him here. There are almost one million people in the UK living with Heart Failure and this number is increasing. Heart Failure has a higher mortality than most cancers and those with heart failure suffer significant debilitating symptoms.

The climb was tough for Jamie to complete, but he kept going. On reaching the top Jamie said: “That was probably the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time but I made it and I’m buzzing! Pumping Marvellous are great, there’s a lot of support there and they’ve helped me a lot. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, it doesn’t matter what stands in your way – you can do it.  Set yourself goals and just smash them, it’s great.”

Watch a short film of Jamie’s climb here.

 HCT’s press officer filmed the challenge and Carys Barton, HCT’s Clinical and Operational Lead for Community Cardiology also went along to give Jamie her support. Carys said: “Having heart failure means Jamie suffers significant symptoms of breathlessness and extreme fatigue, so being able to do this was a massive challenge for him as we witnessed on the day. But he just won’t be beaten, despite serious life limiting illness, he is living his best life - something for us all to learn. His main aim is to raise awareness of heart failure as the general public know very little about it, despite it affecting more people that the four most common cancers. I really hope people read Jamie’s story and gain a greater understanding of what people with heart failure and their families face. We at HCT in the heart failure team are very proud to know Jamie and support him. Jamie is an absolute inspiration.”

You can read more about Jamie’s inspirational story here.

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