Caring health trust is 100 per cent appreciated

Posted: March 18 2016

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust (HCT) has had some tremendous results in a national audit of patients’ experiences.

Caring health trust is 100 per cent appreciated

A whopping 100 per cent of patients that responded said they always had confidence and trust in HCT staff treating and supporting them.

Community hospital based and community patients that responded also said unanimously that they were always treated with respect and dignity by staff at the Trust.

Results published by the NHS Benchmarking Network, show that the Trust scored a satisfaction rating of 100 per cent in numerous key areas.

Both inpatient and integrated community team (ICT) patients agreed 100 per cent that HCT staff “had been given all the necessary information” about their condition or illness from the person that had referred them to the Trust. In both cases this was way above the national average. The national average was and 84.4 per cent 88.6 per cent respectively.

And 100 per cent of hospital patients that responded to the survey agreed that they were given the right amount of information about their condition and treatment - more than 16 per cent above the national average. 

All ICT patients that responded to the survey said that they understood Trust aims to ensure they could be mobile and independent at home, able to go shopping and to understand their health better. Plus these patients agreed 100 per cent that when they had important questions to ask staff they were “always answered well enough”.

The survey covered 93 health providers - and of those HCT patients that were asked to take part in the survey 28 per cent responded.

Clare Hawkins, Director of Quality & Governance and Chief Nurse at the Trust, said: “Our staff can be really proud of these results, it is pleasing to know how much confidence patients have in the care we deliver."

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