Walk-in vaccination times for Health and Social Care Staff – 1st and 2nd doses of COVID-19 vaccination (Astra-Zeneca) until end of April

As of 19th April the booking functionality has been reinstated for self-declaring frontline eligible health and social care workers on the National Booking System. The same eligibility checks and ID requirements remain in place. We will continue to allow walk-ins at all of our sites until we are assured that this process is fully operational.

If you are a health or social care worker and you are 11 weeks (77 days) post your first vaccination, you will be able to walk in to any of our sites during the opening times (see table below) and you will be able to receive your second vaccination. No appointment will be necessary. The same applies if you still haven’t had your 1st dose, so please come forward to be vaccinated.

If you receive a text confirming your original appointment from the National Booking System (NBS) or the Acuity Staff Booking System please first check the opening times below. If the centre is open then please attend as planned. If not please use the walk-in offer and disregard the text message.

If you are an HSCW under the age of 30 arriving at any of our vaccination sites for a 1st vaccination you will be asked to have a risk benefits conversation with their GP first. After this you can come back to the originally booked centre (as a walk-in patient) and have the AZ vaccine if you decide to. This is documented on Pinnacle that full informed consent has been gained after a discussion with GP. If you decide not to proceed with the AZ vaccine the GP has to arrange for an alternative to be administered.

Please remember to bring your NHS number, proof of ID and vaccination card (if you’ve already received your first dose).