More information about appointments during COVID-19

If you have an appointment in any of our services, please attend  

All our services are running as normal and we are accepting referrals and running appointments and clinics. In order that we can see you and begin any treatment as soon as possible, we may offer you an appointment by telephone or by video call. This will help us to discuss your condition with you and assess what treatment you may need more quickly than asking you to come for a face to face appointment. If we offer you a telephone or video call appointment, it is just as important as a face to face appointment as it will help us to assess your needs and agree what treatment you may then need.

Video call appointments

If we offer you a video call appointment, we will let you know what to expect and we will ask you to confirm whether you have a mobile phone, tablet or computer that enables you to hold video calls, or if you know someone who can help you with this. Our video call appointments are run using a system called Attend Anywhere. When we book your appointment we will give you full instructions on how to join the video call, and there is also some general information on our Attend Anywhere page

Attending a face to face appointment

If we need to see you in one of our clinic buildings, we will ask you to wear a mask or face covering when you attend your appointment. When you are called in to see the clinician, they will then ask you to remove your mask if this is appropriate and necessary for them to assess and treat you. We have taken steps to ensure that all our clinic buildings and areas are safe, including installing perspex screens at reception desks and arranging seating areas so that people coming into the building can keep a safe distance apart. All our staff will be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep you and them safe. Click here for more information about wearing a mask or face covering to your appointment.

If you are worried about attending your appointment, please call us on the number at the top of your appointment letter so that we can discuss any concerns with you. You can also speak to our Patient Advice and Liaison Service on 0800 011 6113 (local call 01707 388164) or email