Your child's one and two year reviews




Please watch the link below for further information about the developmental review.



ELIM Words

As your child develops, so does their language skills.  To assist with their development check at 2 years we ask you to review the list below before they attend their appointment.  Your child at 2 might know a lot of the words, some only a few. This is not a test, but it helps us to understand your child’s level of communication. We are here to help, and give advice. We can also support a referral to “early talk” which is an early intervention aimed a small children with delayed language helping to boost their language skills. These are provided by the family centres within Hertfordshire.  

If English is your child’s second language – please see the video provided.  If your child says the words in the main language spoken at home please tick.





Please watch the video below for some information that will support your child’s health, development and wellbeing at the 2 -3 year stage.