6 - 8 Months



  • Your baby will start playing with sounds from high pitch squeals to low deep sounds.
  • Your baby will make sounds like “ba”, “da”, “ga” and “ka”. Your baby will progress to joining two sounds together like “da,da”.
  • If you copy the sounds your baby makes he will copy these sounds back to you.
  • If there is a loud noise your baby will turn to see where the noise came from. By 8 months your baby will notice the tone of your voice and will stop briefly to listen if you say “no” to him.
  • Your baby will start rolling from his back to tummy and will work out how to get both arms out from under him.
  • Your baby will start to get into the position ready to crawl.
  • Your baby will be able to support his weight when standing with you holding both hands to balance.
  • Your baby will start sitting on the floor with some support progressing to being able to sit unsupported for several minutes.
  • Your baby will start picking up small toys.
  • Your baby will notice small objects, like crumbs and pees and start poking at these objects progressing to picking up with thumb and fingers in a raking motion.
  • Your baby will put all objects into his mouth.
  • Your baby will start moving one toy back and forth between his hands.
  • Your baby will start banging his toys to make a noise.
  • Your baby will start looking for toys he has dropped.
  • Your baby will become aware of strangers.
  • Your baby will start feeding himself with finger foods and will start to drink from a cup while you hold it.


Activities with baby

  • Sing songs to your baby and tell nursery rhymes using hand actions and facial expressions to go with the songs and rhymes.
  • Make up songs with your baby’s name. This will make your baby feel special.
  • Read to your baby while having cuddles. Point to what you see in the book and describe what you see. Your baby will enjoy stories told in a sing song voice.
  • Your baby will enjoy playing with some safe household items like wooden spoons, plastic containers and measuring cups. They will bang them to make different noises.
  • They will enjoy putting their building block in and out of a container.
  • Your baby will enjoy dropping his toys from his high chair or you lap and you retrieving them.
  • Encourage your baby to look for the toy he has dropped.
  • Make a shaker from a plastic bottle filled with pasta or rice etc. and secure the top.
  • Get down on the floor with your baby and play with him at his level. Let him lead the play.
  • Remember your baby takes longer to process information and may look away while doing this.
  • Remember to be sensitive to your baby’s cues when he is ready to play or ready to wind down in preparation for a sleep or to calm down after exciting play.


Please click here for links to Family Centre Service activities and local community activities.