4 - 6 Months



  • Your baby will start tolerating small amounts of time being separate from you and may be able to self soothe for a short time.
  • Your baby will gradually become more aware of their own feelings.
  • Your baby will start to enjoy the familiar routines and start to anticipate regular events like bath and bed time.
  • Your baby will enjoy hugs and cuddles from people they are familiar with.
  • Your baby will start to learn to roll over, first from stomach to back and later from back to stomach.
  • By 5 months most babies will start to reach for an object progressing at 6 months moving the object from one hand to the other. 


Activities with baby

  • Play voice games with your baby. Have your baby facing you. Try clicking your tongue, whispering, make high and low sounds. Take turns with your baby.  Repeat the noises your baby makes. Your baby will watch you as you make the sounds.
  • Place your baby on his tummy with toys or safe objects just slightly out of reach. Encourage your baby to reach out for these toys. Your baby will love you being on the floor with him and talking to him. 
  • Sit your baby on your lap and share reading a book. Your baby will enjoy favourite books over and over again.
  • Play Peek a Boo with your hands or a cloth. Play Pat a Cake with clapping hands. You can always make up rhymes. Your baby will enjoy the interaction.
  • Baby will love lots of cuddles and skin to skin contact.
  • Talk to your baby about things he is seeing, hearing and feeling.
  • Talk softly and gently to him during daily routines.
  • Talk to your baby about things she likes or dislikes.
  • Naming what is going on in the life of your baby will help him understand the world and himself. He will be reassured that you understand his world and feelings.
  • Take your baby to new places. Your baby will love seeing new things while being safe with you.

Please click here for links to Family Centre Service activities and local community activities.