Your Child's Development


Children develop in their minds, their bodies and their feelings. They all develop at different rates dependant on their genetics, their personality and how they are parented. As a parent you will have a relationship with your child. This is important to help your child to develop mentally, physically and emotionally into adulthood. A baby that experiences regular and sensitive care learns that they are worthy of that care.

If you are worried about any area of your child’s development please contact your health visitor for advice and support.


0 - 4 Weeks

4 - 8 Weeks

8 - 16 Weeks

4 - 6 Months

6 - 8 Months

8 - 12 Months


13 - 18 Months

19 - 24 Months

25 - 36 Months


Please click here to see the NHS website showing their birth to five development timeline. 

Please click here to view our leaflet called Is your child ready for school? which is a leaflet that will provide you with information on the early learning goals which children should achieve by 4-5 years of age