Management of Impetigo




Impetigo is a common, bacterial infection of the skin caused by staphylococcus or streptococcus and is most commonly seen on the face. It is the most common skin infection in young children in the UK and can affect all ages.

Causes can include if there has been a break in healthy skin such as a cut or an insect bite. Secondary impetigo can be caused by an underlying skin condition such as head lice, scabies or eczema.

Symptoms include a history of a spreading, crusting sore area with fluid filled pustules often around the side of the mouth which may weep.  There may be raw areas as well. It is important to check for cellulitis which is a spreading area of redness and hot to touch .If there is a large area the child may become unwell.

Treatment includes referring to your local GP/Independent Nurse Prescriber as your child will need antibiotic treatment.

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