Top Tips for Health Eating



Eat a little slower

It takes time for our brains to register we’re full, so try to eat more slowly. If you’re eating with friends or family try pacing yourself to the slowest eater.

Just a mouthful

If you’re worried about picky eaters not getting a balanced diet, encourage them to try a mouthful of everything on the plate, rather than all of it. You might find they try more things that way.

Focus on your food

Eating distractedly, such as in front of the TV, means we eat more without noticing or even enjoying it. Swap the TV for the table.


Start small

Give them less to start with - they can always ask for seconds. You’ll have less waste and they won’t eat too much.



Super start your day

Don’t be tempted to skip breakfast. If you have a healthy breakfast in the morning you’re less likely to want to snack before lunch.

Get the kids involved

Let the kids watch you serve the meals. This way they’re more likely to understand the different portion sizes for different ages.

Water regularly

If the kids say they’re hungry while you’re cooking, try giving them a glass of water or juice to fill the gap rather than a snack that could ruin their appetite.

Aim to feel satisfied

Try eating just one plate of food and don’t go back for seconds.

Clear plate conundrums

Don’t worry if they don’t clear their plate. If they say they’re full, the chances are, they are full!