Healthier Together



Are you concerned about a baby or child’s health or wellbeing?

The new NHS ‘Healthier Together’ local website provides clear advice for anyone in Hertfordshire or west Essex who wants to turn to a reliable source of local information.

The site provides information put together by child health experts, helping you to recognise what might be wrong, when to seek help, how to keep your child comfortable and how long their symptoms may last.

For parents of ‘lockdown babies’ who may not have been exposed to common childhood illnesses before, or little ones starting to go out and about again, the Healthier Together site will be a useful source of support and reassurance.

All the advice available has been developed with healthcare professionals who want you to get the right advice, first time, helping to take some of the stress out of caring.

Visit the site for yourself here:


Childhood Winter Illness

Many children experience common illnesses like coughs and colds. They are all part of growing up. The information in this leaflet will help you decide when you can treat your child at home or when to seek further medical advice. Treating your child’s illness yourself or with NHS online advice and medicines from your local pharmacy can often be the easiest and quickest way to help your child get better.

Please click here to go to our leaflets page and access the 'Childhood winter illnesses - knowing what to do'