Health Visitor Advice Line Duty Desk

What can a duty Health Visitor help with?

  • Advice and support over the telephone if your child is unwell
  • Advice over the telephone on breastfeeding/feeding your baby
  • Booking an appointment
  • Development or behaviour concerns
  • Healthy eating
  • Emotional support
  • Immunisations
  • Public health messages
  • Accident prevention

Our website contains lots of information and help, should you not find what you are looking for and would like to speak to a Health Visitor, please call the Family Centre Service telephone line on 0300 123 7572, please select one of the following options:-

Select 1 if you live in the Welwyn, Hatfield, East Herts or Broxbourne area
Select 2 if you live in North Herts or the Stevenage area
Select 3 if you live in the Watford or Three Rivers area
Select 4 if you live in the St Albans or Dacorum area

And then select option 1