Domestic Abuse




Domestic abuse is the behaviours one person uses in a relationship, either current or previous, in order to control another. These behaviours can include:

  • Physical violence such as hitting, slapping, pushing
  • Name calling
  • Humiliation
  • Jealously 
  • Withholding money
  • Keeping friends and family away
  • Stalking


Domestic abuse can happen to anyone and take place in any home. It can happen in same sex relationships and between family members. If you have any concerns about yourself, a friend, neighbour or relative and would like to speak to someone about this, please visit the Herts Sunflower website

Information on how to delete your browser history can be found here.

Or call the Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline on 08 088 088 088 or visit their website here.

You can speak to your health visitor, midwife, or GP who are trained in supporting and signposting people with concerns around domestic abuse.

Please click here to download the leaflet from Greater Manchester Police on Clare's Law - The Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme.