Vocabulary and Word Finding Difficulties

Online resources to support with Word Finding Difficulties

  • http://thinkingtalking.co.uk/free-resources-schools-families/
    Free vocabulary games/resources for families and schools designed by Speech and Language Therapists Stephen Parsons and Anna Branagan
  • https://practice.liftlessons.co/shop/lift_home_paid
    This free subscription covers scientific and physics vocabulary. Biology and chemistry lessons will be added in the coming months.
    • Lift Lessons resources are ideal for students between the ages of 6-14. Younger learners may require assistance to complete the quizzes.
    • The platform allows students to independently learn vocabulary and continue to practice over time using spaced learning.
    • Our resources offer two levels of learning, an introduction to a word, or continued learning (challenge assignments).
    • Younger students may not have encountered all of the words yet. Our resources provide the vocabulary that forms the foundation for future science learning.

All of the videos and digital resources have been designed by teachers in collaboration with speech and language therapists. The resources use evidence-based strategies that are proven to work in the classroom to support vocabulary understanding and retention.