What do we mean by speech?

Speech can be described as the ways in which we use all the elements of our speech mechanism e.g. breath, vocal cords, tongue (front and back), roof of our mouth, nose, jaw, teeth and lips, to generate sounds. Speech is not the words we use (language), but the way in which we produce the sounds/pronounce words. This section includes relevant resources and advice to support the development of speech sound production skills.

Useful Websites

The following website has a range of online games and activities targeting speech sounds: http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/phase-1-resources.html

The following website page has word lists and associated pictures for all the different consonant sounds: https://www.speech-language-therapy.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37:consonants&catid=9:resources&Itemid=117

This website has some free downloads of pictures to support the development of speech sounds at word level (initial, medial and final position): http://mommyspeechtherapy.com/?page_id=55