Attention and Listening

What do we mean by attention and listening?

We’re always asking children to listen, but they don’t always know how to do it. Many children find it difficult to wait, share and take turns. Sometimes it may appear that your child is being naughty but perhaps they are finding it difficult to listen or understand. Being able to listen is an essential skill to help children develop their sounds, words and sentences for conversation. There are many ways that we can help children develop their listening skills.

  • Now and next board – helping children understand expectation and keeping their focus on a task

Toys to support attention and listening

  • Sound puzzles
  • Orchard Toys – search for ‘First Games’ which are ideal for developing early listening and turn taking skills.
  • Sound bingo – there are lots of commercially available games but there are also some listening games on YouTube ( and search for ‘Listening Game 1 - Guess the Sound’ and ‘Phase 1 Phonics Listening Activities and Guess the Sound Games’ (6 games in total)
  • Turn taking games such as marble run, fishing, pop up pirate, building blocks
  • Picture books with repetitive refrains e.g. Room on the Broom, We’re going on a bear hunt, The Gruffalo

Online resources available to support with attention and listening

  • Twinkl Ltd
    Sign up for a free account and search for attention and listening games. There are lots of free resources that you can download and print.