Changes to Public Health Nursing Services in Hertfordshire

In order to keep our families safe we are making some changes to the way in which we deliver services, working collaboratively with our Family Support colleagues due to COVID-19.




Preparing for Baby

This is a local Hertfordshire, free 3 week online course, presented by midwives, family support staff and health visitors. It covers everything you need to prepare for labour and parenthood.  Book onto a course from week 25 of your pregnancy. For more information or to book on a course via Eventbrite please click here.

Understanding Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

This free programme takes you through each stage in dedicated sessions each lasting  about 20 minutes. You can choose to do them all or pick the ones that are most useful and relevant to you. For example one session covers helping you and your baby through pregnancy and birth; another getting to know your baby in the womb plus you, your baby and the stages of labour. To book on a programme just click here for the course link and apply the free access code FCS20

Understanding your Baby 

There is a variety of sessions in this free programme - each lasting  about 20 minutes. You can either choose to do them all or pick the ones most helpful to you. Some of the topics cover  understanding feelings, both your own & your baby's; how to respond to crying; developing healthy sleep patterns;  being a dad. To book on a programme just click here for the course link and apply the free access code FCS20


  Baby and Toddler Health Clinics

We are unable to offer the traditional drop-in Baby and Toddler health clinics due to social distancing and these have been on hold since late March 2020. Through the peak of the pandemic we have successfully worked virtually and by appointment-only clinics to support Hertfordshire parents and babies.

Parents access drop in  Baby and Toddler clinics for many different and important reasons. For example:

  • For support  and information about their baby/toddler
  • Concerns and reassurance
  • Minor illnesses
  • Feeding
  • Child development
  • Parenting
  • Growth monitoring  


From September 2020 we are launching a new way of working which will replace the drop in-Baby and Toddler Health Clinics:

  • All parents can access  a Health Visitor via the 0300 123 7572 duty line between 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday. A team of experienced Health Visitors are on duty to answer your questions and concerns.  They will assess the needs of your baby/toddler/child and those of your family. This may be by phone /virtual platforms (WhatsApp video/Attend Anywhere) or even face-to-face, where there is a specific need to do so.
  • Growth monitoring (weighing your baby) and health promotion is available with your Health Visiting Team at specific ages/stages across Family Centres and community venues in Hertfordshire (please see information below). Where there are identified growth concerns these will be managed on an individual basis and according to your child’s needs. Please ring 0300 123 7572 to book an appointment with your Health Visitor.
  • Self-weighing and health promotion will be offered at key touch points, provided by Family Support Services in Family Centres. Click here for further information or to book via Eventbrite.
  • All parents have access to support with any feeding issues via their Health Visitor and the 0300 123 7572 duty line.  More complex feeding issues will be referred to our specialist breastfeeding clinics and breast pump loan service.


Ages/stages for your baby/toddlers growth monitoring


   1 and 2 – 2.5 year health and development reviews

Health and development reviews were put on hold in March2020. This means that until March 2021 many reviews will be delayed for approximately four months. In the meantime we are managing this backlog and delivering a catch-up programme.

The Health Visiting service, from August 2020 is in a position to resume offering health and development reviews for all one year olds.

The Health Visiting service, working in partnership with Family Support Services, will resume the 2 – 2.5 year health and develop reviews from September 2020.  You will be contacted in the near future by letter.