What we do

Our vision

The Trust's vision is Outstanding services, healthier communities. 

Our values

Our values underpin the work we do each day:

Innovative - we seek new ideas and adopt best practice to improve our services
Caring - we show kindness and consideration for other
Agile - we deal with new situations quickly and successfully

Our four strategic objectives

Outstanding quality and performance - we will strive to achieve an Outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission through driving our approach to continuous quality improvement (CQI) across the organisation and by supporting staff to provide the best possible care to patients. We will also ensure we meet all of our contractual obligations for our commissioners.

Joined-up local care - we will strive to jointly lead the emerging Integrated Care Partnership for east and north Hertfordshire. This means working closely with partners, such as GPs in primary care networks, to improve community services in the area, collaborate with partners to redesign services and integrate clinical pathways for the benefit of our patients.

Great place to work - we will strive to make the Trust a great place to work by having an innovative, caring and agile set of values, through having a strong employee offer to our staff, through a commitment to ongoing professional development and by ensuring we have inclusive, supportive and pleasant working environments.

Best value through innovation - one of our top priorities is to ensure the best possible value for the public purse. This means ensuring our corporate teams are as efficient as possible, that we harness modern processes, systems and technologies to enable our staff to their best jobs, and through investing in innovation to drive our ambition to be an outstanding provider of services.