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Our publication area is a place for you to find information on Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust and a wide variety of other information. 

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Children's Matters magazine

February 2018

CQC report

Inspection visit: 18 - 19 April 2016

Annual Report

Patient Experience Annual Report 2015-2016
Safeguarding Children Annual Report 2014-2015
The Looked after Children and Care Leavers Health Service Annual Report 2014-2015


NHS Provider Licence

Licence Condition G6 Board Self-Certification 2017/18

Quality Account

2016-17 Quality Account - Our Highlights
2016-17 Summary
2017-18 CQUIN and Quality Priorities
2015-16 Easy Read Version
2014-2015 Summary

Annual Plans

Our Annual Plans for 2016-2017 (Summary)

Expenditures over £25,000

Q3.2 2017
Q3.1 2017
Q2 2017
Q1 2017

Q4 2016
Q3 2016
Q2 2016
Q1 2016

Q4 2015
Q3 2015
Q2 2015
Q1 2015

Other publications

Public Liability Certificate of Cover 2018-2019
Mortality Review Policy
Employers and Third Party Liability Certificate of Cover 2017-2018
AP Expenditure (greater than £25k) 2016
Being Open and Duty of Candour Policy
Caring for Carers Guide
CQUIN Achievement 2014-2015
CQUIN Programme 2015-2016
CTP Submission
Eliminating Mixed Sex Accommodation Declaration of Compliance
Francis Report Statement (May 2013)
Francis Report Update (September 2013)
Francis Report Assurance Framework (September 2013)
Independent oversight of NHS and Department of Health investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile
Implementation of the NHS Equality Diversity System
Protecting and using of personal information - your rights

Public and Employer’s Liability Certificate of Cover 2016-17
Quality Priorities 2015-2016
Tripartite Formal Agreement (TFA)
HCT Risk Management Strategy Summary 2017-2022
Complaints and Concerns Policy


End of Life Care Vision and Strategy
Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017-2022

Safe Staffing Levels

From June 2014 all organisations that provide care for patients in hospital wards have been required to report on the numbers of staff on duty at all times. This is to ensure that safe and effective care is provided to patients.

Safe Staffing returns - April 2017
Safe Staffing returns - March 2017
Safe Staffing returns - February 2017
Safe Staffing returns - January 2017
Safe Staffing returns - December 2016
Safe Staffing returns - November 2016
Safe Staffing returns - October 2016
Safe Staffing returns - September 2016
Safe Staffing returns - August 2016
Safe Staffing returns - July 2016

Safe Staffing returns - June 2016
Safe Staffing returns - May 2016
Safe Staffing returns - April 2016
Safe Staffing returns - March 2016
Safe Staffing returns - February 2016
Safe Staffing returns - January 2016

Safe Staffing returns - December 2015
Safe Staffing returns - November 2015
Safe Staffing report - October 2015
Safe Staffing returns - October 2015
Safe Staffing report - September 2015
Safe Staffing returns - September 2015
Safe Staffing report - August 2015
Safe Staffing returns - August 2015
Safe Staffing report - July 2015
Safe Staffing returns - July 2015
Safe Staffing report - June 2015
Safe Staffing returns - June 2015
Safe Staffing report - May 2015
Safe Staffing returns - May 2015
Safe Staffing report - April 2015
Safe Staffing returns - April 2015
Safe Staffing report - March 2015
Safe Staffing returns - March 2015
Safe Staffing report - February 2015
Safe Staffing returns - February 2015
Safe Staffing report - January 2015
Safe Staffing returns - January 2015

Safe Staffing report - December 2014
Safe Staffing report - November 2014
Safe Staffing report - October 2014
Safe Staffing report - September 2014
Safe Staffing report - August 2014
Safe Staffing report - July 2014

Care and compassion

The Health service ombudsman recently produced a report ‘Care and Compassion? Report of the Health Service Ombudsman on ten investigations into NHS care of older people’

The report tells the stories of ten people who suffered unnecessary pain and indignity whilst in the care of the NHS. The stories are as a result of investigations undertaken by the Health Ombudsman during 2009 and 2010, and demonstrate the outcome of when the delivery of care within the NHS does not meet the expected standards.

Care and compassion report

Policies and guidance

If you have an enquiry or would like information about the policies and guidance followed by the Trust please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).